We deal with digital production.


Specialization is an important way to generate propositional knowledge, by applying general knowledge, such as the theory of gravity, to specific instances, such as “when I release this apple, it will fall to the floor”.

The period of time when the world made the largest productivity gains is industrial revolution. The major reason for increase in productivity is the increase in specialization during production process.

Concept B is a specialization of concept A if and only if:

  • every instance of concept B is also an instance of concept A;
  • there are instances of concept A which are not instances of concept B.

For instance, “Cat” is a specialization of “Animal” because every cat is an animal, and there are animals which are not cats (dogs, for instance).


So we do nothing with DTP, platform specific applications and a lot of other directions. We work with Internet, multimedia, video and flash game projects. Our primary specializations are research and development, open source projects.